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The Alcide de Gasperi Research Centre (ADGRC) offers support to researchers who pursue their research in the history of European Integration and would like to present their work.

The Annual graduate Conference and the Seminar Series organised by the Centre are an excellent opportunity to share findings and results with other students and faculty members, to gain valuable feedback on the work from the qualified team of the ADGRC but also to expand the network of contacts with those sharing the same  research interests.

A full list of the centre's activities, including workshops, conferences and seminars, is available below.

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Upcoming events

17 November Europe and the nuclear scare of the Eighties: the European debate on the nuclear issue and antinuclear movements. Research presentation by Angela Santese, Sørensen Grant Holder (Seminar Series of the ADGRC)

12 February Forging Europe: Vichy France and the Origins of the European Coal and Steel Community. Presentation  by Luc André Brunet, The Open University (Seminar Series of the ADGRC)


Past events


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