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Max Weber Master Classes 2017-2018

Upcoming Master Class with
Rachel Kranton (Duke University)

“News Sharing and The Market for (Fake) News”

15 March 2018, 10:30-11:45
Villa La Fonte, Conference Room


This research considers the creation of decision-relevant information ("news") that may be true or false and that people can share over a social network. The model captures a range of settings including social media (such as twitter) and high school gossip.  

People are completely rational and want to spread and adopt only true news.

The model adds the feature that people can “fact check” the news and decide whether or not spread it or adopt it.  

We find that this ability to fact check the news leads to greater overall news adoption but also to greater adoption of false news. 



MWP Master Classes 2017-2018


    • Thursday  12 October 2017, 10:00-12:00
      Wolfgang Schoen (Director, Max Planck Institute for Tax Law and Public Finance)

      Villa Paola, Seminar Room
      Thematic Group: Diversity and Unity 

    • Thursday 9 November 2017, 10:00-12:00
      Cecilia L. Ridgeway (Lucie Stern Professor, Sociology - Stanford University)
      Badia, Emeroteca
      Thematic Group: IEELM
    • Thursday 14 December 2017 –
      Odd Arne Westad (S.T. Lee Professor of U.S.-Asia Relations, Harvard Kennedy School)
      Thematic Group: Europe and the World 
    • Thursday 18 January 2018 –
      Jan-Werner Mueller(Professor, Department of Politics – Princeton University)
      Thematic Group: Legal, Political and Social Theory
    • Thursday 15 February 2018 
      Dani Rodrik (Professor of International Political Economy, Harvard Kennedy School)
      Thematic Group: Tommaso Padoa-Schioppa 
    • Thursday 15 March 2018 
      Rachel Kranton (Professor of Economics – Duke University)
      Thematic Group: IEELM
    • Thursday 19 April 2018 
      Alex Aleinikoff (Director of the Zolberg Institute on Migration and Mobility, The New School for Social Research, New York)
      Thematic Group: Citizenship and Migration
    • Thursday 17 May 2018 
      Debra Satz (Professor of Ethics in Society, Philosophy and Political Science, Stanford University)
      Thematic Group: Legal, Political and Social Theory 


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