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Moris Triventi

Moris Triventi is a Research fellow in the ERC Advanced Grant project "eduLIFE" since September 2013. He received his PhD in Applied Sociology and Methodology of Social Research at the University of Milan-Bicocca in 2010, with a thesis on social inequality in access to higher education in comparative perspective. He attended several courses on quantitative methods at the University of Essex, Oxford, Bamberg, and Trento. In the period 2011-2013 he has been a post-doc researcher at the University of Milan-Bicocca studying social inequalities in higher education and in the transition to labour market among European graduates. In the Spring of 2012 he was a visiting researcher at AMCIS (Amsterdam Center of Inequality Studies) at the University of Amsterdam.

Research Interests 

Social stratification, educational inequalities, higher education, quantitative methods of data analysis.

Personal Website 


Peer-reviewed articles

Chapters in edited books

  • Bernardi, F. and Triventi, M. (in press). The transition from school to work, in G. Ritzer (Ed.), Wiley Blackwell Encyclopedia of Sociology, Second Edition,Wiley-Blackwell.

eduLIFE chapters 

Gender, Education and Employment: An International Comparison of School-to-Work Transitions

  • H.-P. Blossfeld, S. Buchholz, J. Dämmrich, E. Kilpi-Jakonen, Y. Kosyakova, J. Skopek, M. Triventi and D. Vono de Vilhena (2015). Gender differences at labor market entry – the effect of changing educational pathways and institutional structures. Pp. 3-35 
  • H.-P. Blossfeld, J. Skopek, Y. Kosyakova, M. Triventi & S. Buchholz (2015).Gender, education and employment: Lessons learned from the comparative perspective. Pp.343-381 

Selected presentations 2014-2015

  • Triventi M. and Skopek J.(2015)  "Educational assortative mating and children’s early schooling performance", ISA-Rc28, Tilburg, 28-30 May.
  • Triventi M. and Dammrich J.  "From primary school to young adulthood: A cross-national analysis of cognitive competencies and related social inequalities". ECSR Conference, Tallinn, 6-8 September 2015
  • Triventi M. and Skopek J. " Ability sorting or freedom of choice? Secondary school tracking and inequalities in educational achievement in Germany and Italy".ECSR Conference, Tallinn, 6-8 September 2015
  • Triventi M., Ballarino G., Barone C., Bernardi F., Panichella N.(2014)  "Trends of social inequality in educational attainment when education is treated as a positional good". Evidence from Italy. Paper presented at the ISA-Rc28 Conference, Budapest, 8-10 May. 
  • Skopek J. and Triventi M. (2014)  "Gender, social class of origin, and track allocation in upper secondary education. Long-term trends in Germany and Italy", Paper presented at the AMCIS Conference, Amsterdam, 13-14 February.


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