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Fabrizio Bernardi

Fabrizio Bernardi

Associated Project: Family dynamics and inequalities in children's life chances

Role: Principal Investigator (with Juho Härkönen)



Fabrizio Bernardi joined the EUI in January 2010 while on leave from the UNED, Spain. He received his Ph.D. in sociology and social research from the University of Trento and has also worked at the University of Bielefeld, Germany, and the Juan March Institute, Madrid, Spain.

He has been the Chair of the European Consortium for Social Research since 2013.

He is the co-leader of the work package “Family dynamics and inequalities in children’s life chances” within the FP7 Project FamiliesAndSocieties with Juho Härkönen (Stockholm University).

Bernardi's main teaching and current research interests lie in social stratification, inequality in educational opportunities and educational returns, family and labour market dynamics, and social methodology.

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