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Job Market

The academic job market in Europe is in the process of change.  In several countries academic jobs were once largely reserved for graduates of domestic institutions.  Today however, there is an increasing awareness that national universities should internationalize their profiles. It is here that the European University Institute offers specific advantages. The EUI offers a uniquely international graduate training that is not directed towards a particular national academic tradition, but instead offers a broad professional educational program that is well suited for the modern academic job market.

Our graduates have taken positions in many of the top academic and research institutions around the world including Harvard University, the London School of Economics, the University of Oxford, the University of Copenhagen, the University of Edinburgh, FU Berlin,  the Max Planck Institute, among many others.

The substantial majority of those graduating with a Ph.D. in Social and Political Science from the EUI go into academic positions in Europe. As the figure below shows, over the past five years, sixty-six percent of SPS graduates have taken positions in academia. Another 16% took positions in research institutes of various kinds.

Many of our graduates also take positions in international organisations at the national or supra-national level. Many now hold senior positions in national administrations or in EU institutions, where the broad international environment of their study in Florence fosters the skills and understanding that are particularly useful in these settings.

Finally, some of our graduates work in the media, both in the printed press and in broadcasting, as well as in the private sector, in banking, marketing, and so forth.

For some of the successes of more recent alumni and senior researchers, including the award of a number of postdoc Fellowships, see


Fields of Work of SPS Alumni Who Finished the Ph.D. Programme in 2010 

Alumni Overview 

Source: Alumni Office, December 2010

(The graphs shows the professions of alumni who responded to a recent survey by the Academic Service.)

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